The result of random night shooting; this little Brumby mourns the death of his Mum, he will die a slow lingering death without her care

URGENT … it is with immense sadness and heartbreak, please, we urge all visitors to our site to join with us in condemning the Victorian Court decision to allow the annihilation of the Alpine Heritage Brumbies.  Go to and sign the petition without delay.  

Write to the following:

The Hon. Lily D’Ambrosio, Minister for the Environment,
Level 16,
8 Nicholson St.
East Melbourne 3002.

Mr. Jeff Floyd, Chair of the Board of Parks Victoria

Mr Mathew Jackson CEO Parks Victoria

Go to for a comprehensive coverage of the outcome of the court case.  On behalf of these horses whose ancestors died for us in wars, we thank you, Jan Carter President STB Inc.