Enjoy a personal relationship with your own heritage brumby horse – become a proud VIP Sponsor and help a Horse in need.

We need your help with our special disadvantaged horses. Horses needing sponsorship are listed below.

In high level care they reside at our Bellingen NSW Sanctuary – orphan foals, traumatised and injured horses, all deserving of a chance at life.

Quiet, well handled, they love visitors, cuddles ‘n carrots.

Our horses are never ‘disposed’ of through sale/slaughter yards, all are treated equally.

Save the Brumbies Inc. CFN 17516 is a fully tax deductible animal welfare charity, no paid staff, all volunteers, you can donate with confidence knowing that all monies received go directly to the welfare of our Heritage Brumby horses.  Our grateful thanks for your help.

Your monthly tax deductible donation means our life saving work can continue.

VIP Sponsors receive

  • Glossy photo and history of your chosen horse.
  • Personal updates throughout the year, stories, photos and news.
  • Visits and free overnight stays at our Sanctuaries (by appointment)
  • $19 per month pays for one bale of hay for your Brumby.
  • $29 per month pays for regular farrier trims plus hay.
  • $49 per month pays for hay, farrier and necessary health checks.
We can also help you adopt a brumby to take home.

Brumbies in need of sponsors

STB Solo

Meet STB Solo, a recent arrival at our New England Brumby Sanctuary from the devastating floods in Northern NSW. A sweet, quiet little colt, still just a baby, he has only one eye, hence his name Solo. He has been checked by our vet and is in good health but due to his disability will remain in permanent care. Please help us to give Solo a happy and safe future.

Help save STB Solo -
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STB Theo

Theo hails from Kosciuszko, outlawed from his Heritage home, now safe at our Armidale NSW Sanctuary.  Theo is a baby colt, he survived the long journey north but he had a severe knee infection, our vet has been treating him.  Theo is gentle and loves cuddles; due to his injury he is in high level care.  Please help us with his ongoing life saving care.

Help save STB Theo -
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Princess deserves her name; she is sweet and lovable and has suffered a lot in the past.

She had an injury to her hip joint and cannot be ridden.  As with all horses in Sponsorship she receives regular vet checks to keep her well and healthy and she in not in pain.

Help save Princess -
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When Pumpkin came to us she was severely traumatised and badly hurt.

Due to a green fracture, now healed, she will never be sound enough to be ridden.

Pumpkin loves attention and cuddles and will stay in care permanently.

Help save Pumpkin -
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Abby is a recent arrival.  Injured in the wild, thin, poor and frightened. If ever a horse needed care Abby does. Time and good feed will help her to recover.

Help save Abby -
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“Will you please sponsor me?”

Pandora is a stunning bay mare who has done it tough in life. A very sensitive girl, she is learning from the volunteers at STB that humans bring food and love. She is safe here at Mountain Thyme Brumby Sanctuary, a place where she receives lots of love, kindness, patience and a gentle hand to help her learn that humans can be positive experience.

Please consider becoming her VIP Sponsor and helping provide the comfort and safety she so deserves.

Help save Pandora -
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This gentle and loving pony has been overlooked for adoption. He can’t help being small and is too smart for a beginning child to ride.

As with all our horses, the right home is top priority and so Jock will stay in Sponsorship and safety at our Bellingen Sanctuary.

Please help us give Jock the ongoing care and attention he deserves.

Help save Jock -
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Molly is a recent rescue from a slaughter yard.

She is a sweet and gentle mare and needs plenty of good food and TLC.  Molly will stay in care permanently; her life has been very traumatic yet she still puts her trust in humans.

Please help us to give Molly a happier future.

Help save Molly -
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Miss B.B.

Miss B.B. This lovely older lady resides permanently at our Armidale Sanctuary. She’s had a hard life and many foals, B.B. deserves her ‘retirement’ in peace and security and receives daily attention and quality care. B.B. is affectionate and quiet, please help us to continue to give her the best in life.

Help save Miss B.B. -
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You can also help with adoption or donations.

All donations are tax deductible, are not binding and can be cancelled at any time.