This magnificent tri coloured paint youngster came to us with a mob from Guy Fawkes some time ago.   He was gelded, wormed, freeze branded and accessed as to temperament and suitability as we do with all our horses. His flight/fear  response was incredibly high; here was a horse that needed a very special human who could give him the one on one personal attention that we, with so many horses in our care, did not have the time to give him. Along came Lyn Scott and it was love at first sight.   Lyn wanted Sakima regardless of our temperament report and was committed to spend the time with him.   It took several months to prepare Sakima for his transport and new home and we had many anxious moments during that time.  Finally he was ready and off he went.    We eagerly awaited updates on his development and were not disappointed.     Go to and read Lyn’s amazing journey as she takes the challenge and makes a start towards a lifelong partnership with her wild Brumby, and yes, STB Sakima is one of the wildest horses that has ever gone through our programs, it was only due to her passion and commitment that we allowed this particular horse to be placed on.