PRESS RELEASE STB INC.  16.03.2010 Queensland,

The Sunshine State is raining blood, the blood of Australia’s Heritage Brumby horses in Carnarvon National Park.   2000 horses targeted for a cruel, agonising death at the hands of so called ‘trained’ park rangers with high powered rifles will die in April.   Foals will linger, lost, and die of starvation without their dams.

International concern and condemnation has resulted – and we are very grateful to the French animal welfare organisation Foundation Brigitte Bardot which has written to Queensland Premier Anna Bligh to protest and offer assistance to progress humane management techniques.  TO VIEW THE LETTER FROM BRIGITTE BARDOT Click Here and to go to the FBB Website go to , click on the British Flag to translate and scroll down the page .

THE RESPONSE FROM THE QUEENSLAND GOVERNMENT IS DISAPPOINTING !  When will governments invest in the development of non-lethal methods of control !  To view the reply to the FBB from the previous Qld. Premier Anna Bligh Click Here .

Australians, WAKE UP …. contact your local members, contact Kevin Rudd, contact Qld. Premier, Campbell Newman.   This is happening here, now … how can we, as the public, make our Federal and State Governments introduce sustainable management and redirect over $300.000 of tax payers’ money into alternatives.   DO IT NOW.

To Email Prime Minister Tony Abbott click link below :

To Email Queenland Premier Campbell Newman click link below:

SIGN the Online PETITION against the slaughter !  click on the link below –


Stephanie Sutton and Friends have organised a Protest Rally Ride on Sat. 17th April to commence at 12 noon. Meet at Greta Pony Club grounds, Nelson St., Greta near Maitland NSW. Canteen open from 9 a.m. Guest speakers, media welcome.

Please support these passionate and determined young Australians as they strive to make a difference and have aerial slaughter of wild horses banned. Whether you ride or walk do come in force and make the Government listen.

Contact: Ph. 02 4930 7701 M. 0448 497 776