A highly disturbing incident happened recently in Townsville. Apparently a driver collided with a deceased horse on the highway resulting in a fatal accident and the death of a child passenger. Sad and tragic news. It was assumed that the horse was a Brumby however this has not been verified. As a result an aerial cull of free roaming horses in the area was conducted despite there being more humane ways to control excess numbers.  The Australian Brumby Alliance has released a paper outlining alternative methods of control.   Local residents protested strongly against the cull to no avail.

Again it is a case of authorities not taking responsibility, we ask, when will those in power look further than bullets ??? aerial slaughter is inhumane and cruel.

The Australian Brumby Alliance and Save the Brumbies Inc. are following this up and will report further as more information comes to hand. 24.10.2015.