Several years ago we at Save the Brumbies Inc. received communication from Ms. Brigitte Bardot, celebrity and film star regarding her passionate interest in horses and her immense sadness and distress regarding the cruelty of aerial slaughter of wild horses in Australia. Ms. Bardot is a renowned animal lover and has worked tirelessly over the years to assist groups such as ours as we strive towards a better future for animals everywhere.   Ms. Bardot established Fondation Brigitte Bardot based in Paris, France.

She retired from Hollywood and film making to devote her life and her personal income for the purpose of raising awareness to Governments of the need for humane management of all species.

I first became aware of Ms. Bardot’s passionate commitment when I saw a TV documentary of her, pleading with the Canadian Government to ban the annual cruel clubbing of baby seals; she faced a barrage of politicians and cameras and her speech had me in tears, matching hers, streaming down her beautiful face.

This inspiring lady has used her fame and fortune to the benefit and well being of animals the world over.   Her Fondation supports countless numbers of animal welfare societies and Ms. Bardot has a personal interest in Save the Brumbies; our pretty palomino mare was named in her honour, we are very proud of STB Miss B.B. who lives in permanent care at our New England Brumby Sanctuary, Armidale NSW. Miss Bardot sponsors several of our disadvantaged Brumbies and the generous support of her Fondation is also assisting us with much needed financial help in our ongoing fertility control trial with wild horses.   It is her dearest wish, as is ours; that bullets will be a past cruelty in years to come and that with controlled numbers, our wild Heritage Brumbies that have given so much to our nation in the past will live in peace and contentment to roam the country they have called home since settlement began.

Brigitte, on behalf of our beautiful Australian wild horses, we honour and love you and we thank you for being such a wonderful, caring and compassionate human being.

Jan Carter President and Founder. STB Inc.

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