Frazier Gang cull – wild horses shot at Frazier Downs WA

Australia seems intent on inflicting a cruel fate on its horse heritage. Once again horses are being violently shot from helicopters at Frazier Downs in Western Australia, despite the willingness and efforts of wild horse rescue groups such as the Outback Heritage Association of WA.

“Save the Brumbies has received photos depicting horrific images of horses riddled with bullets” says Jan Carter, President of Save the Brumbies Inc, an animal welfare charity based in New South Wales. “Save the Brumbies applauds the work of the Outback Heritage Horse Association of WA who, despite desperately limited resources, save many horses from being shot or going to the doggers.”

According to reports, a young orphaned colt alerted members of the local Aboriginal community that manage Frazier downs when he wandered in to town. Christened “Jimminy”, he is now being cared for by a member to the OHHAWA.
Sadly little Jimminy died from infection, result of stress and lack of essential nutritents from his mother who was slaughtered.

Over 2 days 672 horses were shot in an aerial cull that has distressed many of the local community. It is understood that that RSPCA will be investigating the matter.

The Frazier Downs travesty highlights the need for governments to find better, longer term and more humane management plans for wild horses. Aerial culling of horses is banned in New South Wales, and in two NSW National Parks, the Guy Fawkes River and the Oxley Rivers parks, horses are passively trapped and given a second chance by groups such as Save the Brumbies who care for the removed horses and adopt them out to the public.

“And we can even do better” says Jan Carter. “We want to start using the fertility control vaccine PZP on our own New England Brumby Sanctuary and gain direct experience in what I believe is the future for wildlife management”

Save the Brumbies calls for all state and federal governments to put an end to outdated and barbaric wild horse management and develop responsible, long term and humane management plans.

Proud parents & Jimminy

Sadly little Jimminy died suddenly of a severe infection caused by his separation at birth from his slaughtered mother which resulted in his lowered immune system. We, and all horse lovers, send our love and support to Jimminy’s adopted Mum and Dad, Libby and Tom Lovegrove who did all that was humanely possible to care for this beautiful baby.

It should not happen, but it does, time and time again we see and hear of this shocking cruelty to our wild horses yet Government say it’s humane, animal welfare protocols are in place and there is no other choice. We dispute this totally, we hold up the Bureau of Land Management programs run by the US Government as a model for our country to follow yet those in power refuse to listen. Keep those letters going to Government, united we can make a difference. Photos of the W.A. slaughter are too horrific to post on this web site as to do so would cause distress to many viewers.