Caring For Australian wild horses.
Come with us and share the dream.

Christmas social and Open Day at New England Brumby Sanctuary Armidale NSW. Sunday 10th December 2017.
Email for direction map and details or Phone: 02 66552224
All warmly welcome.
  • The Australian Heritage Brumby

    Brumbies are descendants of the first horses that came to Australia with convicts and early settlers. These unique equines epitomize the spirit of freedom.

  • VIP Sponsorship

    We need your help to care for brumbies that come to us from National Parks. Enjoy a personal relationship with your own horse and get photos, updates, visits and free overnight stays at our sanctuaries.

  • Adopt a Brumby - provide a safe future

    Experience the joy of caring for your own heritage brumby. Our adoption program rehomes horses from Guy Fawkes River and Oxley Wild Rivers National Parks.


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