Caring for Australian Wild Horses


Welcome to my bright new world, says our Mascot Adam, a survivor of aerial slaughter.

Australia has many thousands of wild brumby horses. Slaughtered from air and ground and left to die; tiny foals perish of starvation without their dams.

This is the shameful attitude of the Australian Government; it is barbaric and cruel and the carnage continues.

The small percentage of horses that are trapped ‘humanely’ are loaded onto trucks and transported to abattoirs. The terror of these wild horses as they face eventual death is horrific.

This is directly due to the failure of our Government to instigate a long term national management policy of control, preservation and protection for the Australian Icon, the Brumby Horse. This is the reality and we ask “Why”

In other nations wild horse sanctuaries and controlled breeding programs are an integral part of Government Policy; here, in Australia such policies are non-existent, bullets are the easy solution.

Save the Brumbies is a candlelight in the immense darkness that engulfs the Australian wild horse, we receive no Government Funding and we rely on a caring and aware public to continue our work. Come with us and share the dream, we ask you, “Why not?”

Patron: Andrew Stoner, M.P. leader National Party NSW

The images of dead and mutilated wild horses following the horrific aerial slaughter in Guy Fawkes River National Park, N.S.W. Australia will haunt me forever

Jan Carter, President and Founder of Save the Brumbies